Khari Prescod


Khari Peter Prescod has been admitted to practice law in the State of New York since 2000.  A graduate of State University of New York at Albany, with a Bachelor's Degree in English and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of New Hampshire School of Law, Mr. Prescod began his legal career at the Bronx County District Attorney's office handling numerous misdemeanor and felony cases at both the trial and appellate level.  After his prosecuting days concluded, Mr. Prescod worked as legislative counsel for the former Chairman of the Children's and Family Committee in the New York State Assembly and gained substantial legislative experience within the field of family law.

As a result of his time assisting in the drafting of legislation concerning family law, Mr. Prescod used that experience to build a successful family law practice which includes divorce, custody, visitation, child abuse, and child support cases.

In addition, Mr. Prescod has substantial experience in real estate areas. He has represented many buyers and sellers purchasing single and multifamily units as well as assisting landlords from writing lease agreements t eviction proceedings, to helping tenants by advocating tenants' rights against unlawful discriminatory practices.

Additionally, through his education from the University of New Hampshire School of Law, and through his internship with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Mr. Prescod has represented many start up for profit and non for profit businesses from formation to drafting contractual agreements and applying for business related trademarks.

Mr. Prescod is a member of the City Bar Association of New York, the Brooklyn Bar Association, and the Queens County Bar Association.


  • Amazing Service

    Khari is a great divorce lawyer. From our first interaction, he put me at ease by walking me through the steps of the entire divorce process. He answered all of my questions, provided alternative scenarios of what could happen and gave me the best solutions for my case. Not only was he a lawyer, ...
  • The best lawyer in town

    The best lawyer, words cannot explain how much he help us. With our situation. He is the best lawyer in town.i would recommend mr Khari P Prescod to anyone. Our family love him   July 21, 2021
  • Great!

    Helped me quickly with cease and desist letter from my landlord. Highly recommend.   May 18, 2021
  • Knowledgeable and very helpful

    I called Mr. Prescod for a legal matter that had me very concerned. He walked me through the scenarios and thoroughly to me what my options were.   March 26, 2021
  • Gave me the quick advice I needed

    I reached out to Khari for a quick consultation because of an issue I'm having with my landlord. He was very helpful and gave me great advice!   February 23, 2021
  • Custody Case

    Khari Prescod handled my custody case in family court. He was very informative and transparent throughout the whole process. I was awarded physical custody quicker than I anticipated after only 2 court appearances, and as a father that is rare. I would recommend Khari for all family, divorce, and...
  • He’s Great

    One of the best attorneys money can buy, Khari represented me in a serious criminal case this year , he was very meticulous, very attentive, very strategic and worked hard for the best outcome which was a win for me. No matter what time we called he answered.   June 5, 2019
  • Amazing lawyer! Must hire he is the best :)

    Mr. Prescod represented me in a very difficult custody and child support case that took over a year. I have to admit I've been highly impressed with his services. Mr. Prescod is an extremely knowledgeable and caring individual. He was always accessible on the telephone even early in the mornings....
  • Professional, Patient and Persistent

    I recently contacted Mr. Prescod regarding a complicated Real Estate matter and he responded quickly, listened carefully, explained my options and worked with me until the matter was successfully resolved. Throughout the lengthy process, Mr. Prescod kept me informed by email and telephone calls r...
  • Helpful

    Mr. Prescod was fun to talk to, straight-forward, generous with his time, and gave me helpful answers.   February 22, 2019
  • Custody Issue

    Mr. Prescod represented me in a successful tough custody battle. If it was not for his help and sound advice the court would have really took advantage of me. Great Lawyer!!!   January 19, 2019

    My now ex-wife file for spousal and child support in family court. She was asking for a ridiculous amount of money and the court granted her this temporary order. I had previously spoken to 2 other lawyers who wanted one of my arms and my first born. I continued looking and came across Khari who ...
  • Proffesional and relaible

    I have used Mr Prescod for most of my commercial leases. I am very happy with his work he is very professional reliable. He Returns phone calls And/or emails immediately And is always there to answer any questions. He gets the job done.   November 5, 2018
  • Pari nader

    He is very professional, freindly and you can easily talk to him and he listens, I always called him about different issues and he ailways call you back and answered your question and best of all he get the job done quickly, I highly recommend me prescod.   October 24, 2018
  • Highly recommend

    I retained Mr. Prescod to deal with a long festering visitation and custody situation with my ex-husband. Mr. Prescod was always honest in his assessments and gave sound advice. I would highly recommend Mr. Prescod's firm. The case took much shorter to resolve because of Mr. Prescod's management...
  • You're In Good Hands

    When you're looking for a lawyer, you're typically look for, at minimum, a fierce advocate, skilled practitioner, and articulate spokesman who can, and will, zealously defend you and your rights inside a court of law. In respect to the previous, I can honestly say in Khari I found each of those a...
  • Evicting a Tenant

    Our elderly and infirm aunt depends on income from a tenant in her small three family home. The tenant had not paid rent for over a year when my cousin and I helped our aunt retain Mr. Prescod.He was helpful and transparent about the difficulties involved in an eviction and NYC, and straightforwa...
  • Pragmatic, efficient, relatable

    I found him to be quick in understanding my issues and grasping the full picture. He gave pragmatic advice which made sense (contrary to other legal advice I have received) and felt practical. I did not feel like a mark for profit, which again on occasion I have been made to feel by other lawyers...
  • The best Decision I made for my custody case.

    Mr. Prescod represented me in my custody case. Before I found Mr. Prescod, I was feeling confused, lost, and sad. My previous lawyer did nothing for me and I didn't think things would get better. However, I found Mr. Prescod from this site and I wasn't too sure about switching attorneys so late i...
  • Excellent Service would recommend to a friend!

    Khari was very professional and knowledgeable in the field of Real Estate contracts. All of my questions were answered in an timely manner and provided a quick turn around for the actual contract.   January 10, 2018
  • Look No Further!!

    Feeling pushed up against the wall? Helpless? Mr Khari Peter Prescod will give you hope where there is none. Not onlyIs he an amazing knowledgeable lawyer who will fight tooth and nail for you but he's an amazing human being one who's dedicated and committed to win your case. He won my custody ba...
  • Amazing and Friendly Lawyer

    Khari was a fantastic lawyer. I hired him from the other side of the country since I was in the military and it was not feasible for me to make it to court on the regular. He represented me accurately and took the time to have phone interviews with me so that he could be better prepared when cour...
  • Very thorough and answered all of my questions!

    Khari called me within minutes of my request. Very professional and knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions thoroughly. He made sure I knew the right steps to take. I feel a lot more confident with my future actions!   September 14, 2017
  • A breath of fresh air...

    By pure luck I had the opportunity to consult with Mr. Prescod about my custody situation. He is such a pleasant person with CONSTRUCTIVE advice regarding a very delicate child custody matter. He took his time, answered thoughtfully, provided insightful answers and made me feel like all's not los...
  • awesome attorney

    Mr. Prescod represented me in a landlord tenant and a family court case after he was referred to me by my mother who indicated Mr. Prescod was a very good attorney. Throughout my time knowing him, I must say I am pleased with his representation. He has always been accessible. He explains things c...
  • Great advice.

    After speaking with Mr. Prescod, I feel very confident that he understands and has the knowledge to advice me in the right direction, he was very easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend   August 16, 2017
  • Real Professional who knows exactly what he is doing

    Mr. Prescod helped me with an extremely difficult and delicate problem in Family Court. After trying and failing to represent myself I sought legal advice and retained Mr. Prescod immediately. Needless to say, this was by far the best decision I ever made. He explained my options and worked tirel...
  • Khari is 100% a professional

    Khari represented myself and my fiancee in two separate legal cases both of which are still on the calendar and he always is reachable by e mail or text or phone call and handles himself in a respectful professional manner like no other attorney i have ever been in contract with or heard of befor...
  • Amazing Representation

    I can honestly say that I was extremely happy with the services provided by Mr. Prescod. I had a very difficult family case and my previous lawyer did not help me at all. When I first met Mr. Prescod along with my mother, I could tell he was smart, and would be on my side. Before when I went to c...
  • Outstanding Attorney

    Mr. Prescod was recommended to me by my cousin who stated that Mr. Prescod did an outstanding job representing him in Family Court. Thus, based upon that I hired Mr. Prescod for a real estate matter. He was very courteous, well informed, helpful and extremely professional. He kept me informed thr...
  • No complaints....I was well represented

    Mr. Prescod represented me very well in my case. I was always able to get him on the phone whether it was early in the morning or not. And if I could not get him he promptly called me back. Whenever it needed something to be signed, he personally came to my location to have me sign documentation....
  • Masterful consultation and tremendous experience

    I contacted Mr. Prescod for a consultation and he was masterful in breaking down the pertinent considerations of my case in a way that I could understand. As we spoke, Mr. Prescod quickly understood my concerns and clearly outlined the legal implications for my options. Having little experience i...
  • Very Attentive!!!!

    Very knowledgeable and informative. Most importantly he expressed a great deal of empathy while I explained my case.   May 3, 2017
  • Highly recommended

    Before hiring Mr. Prescod for my case i frequently called him to seek advice about my situation. He was always available and promptly returned my calls, this made me want to hire him as my attorney. I felt comfortable with Mr. Prescod on the case, he was very honest about the situation and made c...
  • Profound Attorney

    Soon after meeting Mr. Prescod at the bar association, his consultation was enough for me to hire him as an attorney who had the full knowledge, experience and expertise to help me with my case with a reasonable fee. I had inherited land that had been in my family for 100 years that had accumulat...
  • No need to look any further than Counsel Khari Prescod regarding all matters having to do with child custody cases!

    From the moment my wife and I met Counsel Prescod, we were very impressed with his extensive knowledge of the New York Family Court system. Counsel Prescod was very attentive to any and all concerns that I had, and successfully brought my case to a amenable close. I highly recommend Khari Prescod...
  • Endlessly grateful to Khari

    Khari was so extremely effective in handling my tenant eviction situation, and explained so many things that were confusing to me about the process. He made sure that I knew my rights, and also clarified what was possible and impossible. I felt like I was in excellent hands the entire journey – –...
  • Very satisfied with the overall experience, would definately recommend and use again if necessary.

    I was in need for a lawyer that specializes in landlord and tenant cases, Khari Peter Prescod got straight to the point and started the eviction process right away, Mr. Prescod explained everything throughly and was very clear as to what would happen and what I should expect in the near future. H...
  • Excellent Lawer

    My lawyer was wonderful, he was always there for me when I need him he promptly return my calls and when he need me to sigh documentation he actually came out to my place of business to have me sign it. Can you believe that!!! Mr. Prescord is a great lawyer and he did a job on my case. I highly r...
  • A++!

    Mr. Prescod is a very knowledgeable and caring attorney. He gave me helpful advice about my legal options and always responded quickly to my calls. I was very satisfied with my experience when he represented me. If you find yourself needing a good attorney who will listen to you and give you good...

  • Grea

    After three previous attorneys and two years into my divorce proceeding without any light on sight, a friend recommended to call Mr. Khari Peter Prescod who currently represents me. The best call I have made! Mr. Prescod has assisted me during one of the hardest times in my life. He set my worri...
  • One of the few lawyers that aren't going to .......

    Lawyers have a bad reputation for a reason. Mr. Prescod was the exception. He was responsive and kept me informed when I called and had questions. He gave me various options as to how he could be helpful, and let me make the decision based upon that information. I highly recommend him and would u...
  • Mr. Prescod is a person you can count on

    Over the years Mr. Prescod has provided the information and advice I needed to make informed legal decisions. As complicated as the world is today Mr. Prescod services are indispensable.   April 15, 2015
  • A lawyer with a rising Star

    I have used khari several times starting last year, on a civil case, family court cases, and real estate housing case. I thought so highly of him I had him work my parents divorce case. In a bevy of cases khari has shown that he is a resilient, passionate, determine lawyer. He shows up early for ...

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