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I contacted Mr. Prescod for a consultation and he was masterful in breaking down the pertinent considerations of my case in a way that I could understand. As we spoke, Mr. Prescod quickly understood my concerns and clearly outlined the legal implications for my options. Having little experience in legal matters, I had no difficulty following Mr. Prescod's explanation of my legal rights, as he cited his considerable experience in similar cases as well as salient legal precidents. In addition, I felt he listened thoughtfully to my questions, and provided answers that have empowered me to move forward from a place of knowledge. I am very appreciative and would highly recommend Mr. Prescod's legal counsel for any and all levels of divorce litigation.


May 16, 2017

– Lloyd

My Mission

My mission is to provide each and every client of this Firm with the greatest amount of respect and to provide the highest quality of representation possible. It is my committment to provide excellent, efficient, and cost effective services for all clients.

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