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I can honestly say that I was extremely happy with the services provided by Mr. Prescod. I had a very difficult family case and my previous lawyer did not help me at all. When I first met Mr. Prescod along with my mother, I could tell he was smart, and would be on my side. Before when I went to court with my last lawyer, I was the one doing all of the talking because that lawyer just sat there. When I got Mr. Prescod, he did all of the talking and was ready to counter everything the other side was saying. That was great. I also wanted to mention the other side wrote a pretty bad agreement they wanted me to sign when I had my first lawyer. I was willing to sign it to be done with this case but Mr. Prescod calmed me down, advised me not to sign it and practically rewrote the agreement. I must say I am glad I took his advice. While negotiating the agreement Mr. Prescod would call me at 7am in the morning sometimes just to get my take on the agreement or to update me on stuff. Also sometimes he would call way after business hours. I knew he was working on my case. On the day of court to sign the document, neither the lawyer for the other side (who by the way wrote the first agreement) or the law guardian had a copy of the agreement. The other lawyer panicked and the law guardian was going to ask the court to print out the agreement from her email, but I said I bet Mr. Prescod has copies. When he arrived he had four copies for all parties and the court.

Lastly, I want to say after meeting with Mr. Prescod, he is a pretty funny and cool guy. He doesn't talk to you like some robot or a stuffy lawyer. He talks to you like a friend. While waiting for our case to get called, we talked and laughed about lot of things that we unrelated to law. He is a real person. I am glad I met him and I am glad I hired him. I told all of my friends about him and he will handle all of my issues down the road. I can't recommend him enough


August 11, 2017

– Christopher

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My mission is to provide each and every client of this Firm with the greatest amount of respect and to provide the highest quality of representation possible. It is my committment to provide excellent, efficient, and cost effective services for all clients.

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