My now ex-wife file for spousal and child support in family court. She was asking for a ridiculous amount of money and the court granted her this temporary order. I had previously spoken to 2 other lawyers who wanted one of my arms and my first born. I continued looking and came across Khari who assured me he would help me out. Khari fought for me in court, several times magistrate Elisabeth A. Bloom yelled at him and he did not let up. My ex wife's 3rd rate lawyer looked like a 1st grader next to Khari who was on point with everything this lawyer threw at him. In the end Khari was able to reduce my ex-wife's extortion by $900 a month. I'm really happy with Khari, I decided to write this review because I believe you can't find a better person who will fight as hard . Khari even joked and made me laugh while sitting in court waiting to be called. To be honest I was worried and he helped to take the anxiety away. I told him that I thought he should be a comedian, he's funny. On serious note I never want to be in this position again but if I need to go back to court I have Khari on speed dial on my phone. His rates were reasonable, always on time in fact he was in court before I was. This guy is really good. He's been in the business I believe close to 20 years. I really recommend his services my case was exceptional and not an easy case. there were several factors that made it more difficult then the average case and Khari helped me in a big way. give this guys a call if you need a real profesional you will not regret it. I will leave my name in case you don't believe this is a real case and he's my brother or something... you can find me on facebook if you want to know more, I'll be happy to answer any questions.


November 18, 2018

– Max G Modenessi Sr

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